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BetterSpine Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

BetterSpine Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

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We have been in the knee support business for years, and have seen all sorts of conditions from different users...

Until ultimately, we realized that 95% of them could really use a hot & cold therapy gel pack to aid in their day-to-day knee condition management.

The problem is, only few know about their existence, let alone the benefits of using one.

Here are the benefits and usage:

Heat Therapy:
✔ Relax muscles and increase blood flow
✔ Reduce stiffness and soreness
✔ Alleviate chronic pains (athritis, oestoarthritis, etc.)

Cold Therapy:
✔ Reduce inflammation and swelling
✔ Provide pain relief for acute injuries
✔ Aids in injury recovery

BetterSpine therapy pack can also be effective on other unwell joints or muscles such as back pain, foot pain, headache, wrist pain, neck & shoulder soreness, etc. for a quick, safe, and soothing relief.

Product Features:
➜ Reusable
➜ Simply microwave 15-20 sec or put in freezer for 1-2 hours
➜ Can be used in conjunction with Ultra Stretch Support Straps to secure the Therapy Pack on body part.

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