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Introducing BetterSpine™ Medical Grade Knee Sleeves

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With the BetterSpine™ Knee Sleeves.

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With the BetterSpine™ Knee Sleeves.

BetterSpine™ Medical Grade Knee Sleeves

A sneak peek behind all the technologies of what makes it our best-seller.

  • Quality Knit Fabric

Ultra-breathable material that provides a long-lasting and comfortable use.

  • Supportive Side Strips

Durable and reliable side supports for better mobility, strength, and protection.

  • 360° Full Compression

Gentle all-around compression to encourage natural joint lubrication and faster recovery.

  • Meniscus Gel Pad

Additional protection of the kneecap area. Also promotes knee joint stability.

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  • What size is right for me?

Measure the circumference of your thigh 6 inches above your knee cap.


10.2" - 14.17" / 26 - 36 CM


14.17" - 18.11"  / 36 - 46 CM


18.11" - 20.47" / 46 - 52 CM

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My husband was beginning to have knee problems. Based on a recommendation from his cousin's son he ordered a pair and is loving them. He says they give good support while being very comfortable.

Shirly Mitchell

I’ve been active in marathon since forever. Months ago my knees started to feel like they didn't want to carry me. Ordered this and it has allowed me to run again. Happy about the results and would definitely recommend them.

Natalie Baker

I'm in my 60's and have have multiple (5) knee surgeries and both knee are not in great shape. Even though we went on another short hike with very little elevation gain my knees were pain free. I have wore them on every hike since and I think they are the best knee brace out opinion.

Marvin Anderson

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Are these for sports or pain relief?  Both! ...

Both! These are great for any activities that require extensive knee motions. What's great about them is that they're highly capable in providing support for aged or injured knees, as well as alleviating knee pain.

Can I wear them for long periods?  Yes! ...

Yes! These medical grade knee sleeves can be worn for long periods of time with minimal discomfort and sweat (thanks to our ultra-breathable fabric!). Consider giving your leg a break by taking the knee sleeve off while sleeping, unless your doctor instruct you to wear them while in bed.

Can I get support when the product is defective?  Absolutely. ...

Absolutely. By purchasing from BetterSpine™ official website, customers are eligible for all the benefits and protection that BetterSpine™ offers; including free and easy replacement or refund when the order received is faulty.

What size is suitable for me?

To find the most suitable size, measure the circumference of your thigh 6 inches above your knee cap.

M: 10.2" - 14.17" / 26 - 36 CM
L: 14.17" - 18.11" / 36 - 46 CM
XL: 18.11" - 20.47" / 46 - 52 CM

How do I wash my knee sleeves?

Though not necessary, hand wash and air dry is recommended!

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