User Instruction

This is a user instruction page for BetterSpine™ Posture Brace only.


The support is designed to move your upper back into it's correct position, working to improve your posture over time:

  1. Wear 20-60 minutes for the first 3-4 of days
  2. Increase your wear time every day
  3. Let your body get used to wearing it
  4. Allow muscle to adjust and build memory over time

These steps are not necessary, however, please be aware that:

It is possible to feel muscle pain or soreness in the beginning when your body is still unfamiliar with the new and refined posture. 

Also, if you have any kind of special condition, please seek advise from your local specialist before wearing BetterSpine™ Posture Corrector.



  1. Do not bleach.
  2. Use cold water hand washing.
  3. Do not use the washing machine dehydration, hot water washing is not available.